7 Ways on how to win online casino blackjack: Get RM3k daily

Searching for way to increase your luck in online gambling? Level up your game with top 7 tactics on how to win online casino blackjack that make you RM3k daily

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Time is the real money, no matter in which world you live in. That’s why W88 Malaysia presents you with the top 7 well-researched ways to win online casino blackjack for beginners, which ensures a livelihood without time-consuming mistakes and a 90% guaranteed to win in online betting and gambling.

#1. Odds variation comparison

The different live casino provides different variants of Blackjack to play and win from, click on the information symbol, that is, ‘i’ to know the RTP of different variants of blackjack and choose the one with the highest RTP percentage.

Blackjack tips & tricks 01

  • RTP percentage determines the percentage of return players will get after winning blackjack in their W88 wallet.
  • The greater is the RTP of online casino blackjack, the better are the odds to win the game.
  • The casino always has a mathematical advantage towards its side, calls house edge over winning player. That’s why players will never see a 100% RTP percentage ever in any online casino blackjack.

#2. Avoid progressive betting system

Everyone talks about a strategy to win live casino blackjack but often one question is unanswered, ‘How much should I bet on online casino blackjack?’ We always got your back and are here to provide you with the best possible answer to your question.

  • Most of the betting systems have a progressive approach that often tells players to continue playing cause sooner or later, you’ll going to win.
  • In fact, this is not true and has been used for ages to claim many victims with its falsified fantasy for players to win the large pot.
  • But the true truth is that no betting system can help you beat the house, cause it’s true that the house always wins when it comes to an overall profit, after all, it’s a business.

#3. Reconsider side bets

Always remember that RTP doesn’t apply on side bets. The greater odds are only applied to the standard gameplay of Blackjack using the best strategy. Though pay-outs are great the risk is greater as there aren’t good odds.

Blackjack tips & tricks 02

  • Blackjack is the online casino card game with the lowest house edge hence, providing less profit to the house. Therefore, casinos started adding more than one deck.
  • Side bets add up the fun to the online casino blackjack but they make the players lose loads of money, slowly but surely.
  • The best strategy to win online casino blackjack is to never bet on side bets. Stick to cards strategy until you have gained experience to be able to use advanced tactics.

#4. Learn when to double down

When the dealer has dealt your 2 cards to you and showed his cards to you, you get three options, either to stand, hit or double down. By doubling down, you wager your initial bet again and ask for one more card to continue playing, master the game and learn how to play online blackjack with W88 Malaysia.

  • When the value of the initial 2 cards is 11, always go for double down without giving any second thought.
  • There’s a high chance of your winning when your initial card value is 11 as the 10-value card can help you make you win.
  • Even if you hit 8 or 9 as the third card, you have a great chance of winning with 19 & 20 value in online casino blackjack.

#5. Understand when to split

The fundamental trick to win online casino blackjack is to aim to win in the long term to get more money when the dealer is weak. Split when you have a pair is the best way to apply this fundamental trick to win online casino blackjack.

Blackjack tips & tricks 03

  • Beginners are always tempted to split tens to double up the winning amount in online casino blackjack.
  • But you should never split a ten if the table has a double amount of money on the table in online casino blackjack.
  • Even if the dealer’s card is as weak as less than six value cards, still don’t split a ten-card. If you have 20 already then don’t split, you already have a strong hand.

#6. Blackjack Martingale strategy

Doubling up the wager amount in every upcoming consecutive round simultaneously is the core objective of this strategy. Blackjack tips and tricks, Martingale strategy increases your probability of winning by 15% in the third round in online casino blackjack.

  • To cope with the previous losses in the online casino blackjack game, players double their bets in each consecutive round followed.
  • It’s important to stick to only one side after every round of online casino blackjack, which is if you chose to bet on a banker in the first round then continue to bet on the banker in all upcoming rounds.
  • Remember, if you win a particular round then the betting amount in the next round will get back to the initial amount. The initial betting amount should be the smallest, to begin with.

#7. Practice responsible gaming

Practicing responsible gaming is not an obligatory section, it’s a genuinely crucial strategy. Saving your hard-earned money is in your hand and the only way to do so is by practicing responsible gaming. The top 3 ways to play online casino blackjack responsibly are:

Blackjack tips & tricks 04

  • Strict budget: Don’t spend too much on online casino blackjack, divide your bankroll into three categories with a 50:30:20 ratio for needs, wants, and investment respectively. Use only 30% of your bankroll under the want category to play online casino blackjack.
  • Limited time limit: Track the time you give to online casino blackjack and keep to the strict time limit. Manage your time as blackjack is a fun addictive game, don’t lose track of it.
  • Never chase losses: Hope is a good thing to stick to, but sometimes it’s better to lose a dead end. Don’t keep on tracking a losing trail for so long but never lose sight of hope.

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We respect your time and therefore, presented you with the top 7 well-researched ways on how to win online casino blackjack, which ensures a worthy livelihood with no time-consuming mistakes and a 90% guaranteed win in online casino blackjack. Sign up at W88 and claim RM3,000 daily.