10 Ways on how to make money sports betting at W88 Malaysia

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Even though life seems so long, it shortens as it passes by its course. & We bet that you have planned to gain and earn a lot in that small span of time. We are here to make your dreams come true and provide you with 10 ways how to build a bankroll in sports betting with W88 Malaysia.

#1. Read the Sports thoroughly

No matter which sports you choose to bet on, be familiar with that sport like a best friend. We don’t condemn exploration, but we recommend settling for some sports you are an expert in.


  • At the beginning of your journey, you can explore every sport and place your bets. But, to become a professional, it’s important to settle for one sport and become an expert in it.
  • As the phrase states that the jack of all is the master of none. Hence, explore and pick your talents to sharpen. Become a master of a sport and bet with skills, not luck and chance.

#2. Be up to date with the history

When we say to be up to date with the history, we mean that before placing your bet on a sports match learn everything possible. Search for head-to-head performances of the teams playing.

  • Research on 4-5 sports forecasts and sports news to be up to date with players’ health and injury. Which player left the team and who joined, who replaced who, etc.
  • Knowing the statistics of the past can help you predict the future immensely. That doesn’t mean there will be no surprises. But you can be more prepared than other punters.

#3. Understand favorites & underdogs

There are two teams in sports matches, one team is weak, and the other is strong. Sportsbooks often indicate strong teams with a plus sign as favorites and weak teams with a minus sign as underdogs.


  • Sportsbooks often give greater odds to the favorite team but that doesn’t mean that it is bound to win the match, it is most likely to. Underdogs can surprise you just as much as a favorite.
  • Sometimes, greater odds are the way to lure the punters to bet more but be aware. Take a chance on underdogs when you feel like the competition is cut-throat and you trust the underdog.

#4. Follow up on the expert’s strategies

There are thousands of strategies available on how to build a bankroll sports betting online, but you got to find which one suits you. Every professional punter has a technique to master and win.

  • You can read as many strategies as you want on the internet, but a pure authentic strategy will come to you through experience and mistakes. We recommend “take a chance”.
  • Grab whatever you want and make it your own with creativity. That is also known as a creative thief. Follow the strategies of experts and one day, you’ll be making your own strategies.

#5. Know crucial positions of the sports

The key to winning every sports betting lies in the crucial position of the sports match. For instance, wicket-keeper is a crucial position in cricket, goalkeeper in football, etc. Know the key positions.


  • Knowing who will be standing in the crucial key positions of the sports, it becomes easier to predict the winner. Investigate into expected line-ups to know the players playing.
  • Listen to sports news, and opt for live betting. If the online sportsbook you are using doesn’t permit live betting, then we recommend changing your platform to one that does allow it.

#6. Always prioritize quality over quantity

Whether it comes to odds, pay-out, a number of betting sports matches, and a number of sports; always prioritize quality over quantity. Don’t look at the odds if you are certain that the underdog will win.

  • Master yourself in one sport instead of running around from one sport to another. Don’t bet on every match of the day. Bet on the one you believe the most to be won.
  • Hence, there’s no doubt about the importance of quality over quantity. This phrase is explaining itself enough to believe. Therefore, always prioritize quality over quantity.

#7. Avoid the greatest odds & great parlays

Greater odds, great parlays, and higher pay-out are extremely tempting to beginners. Since they don’t understand the consequences of such bets. Sustainability matters to professionals.


  • New punters run after the money. But if you want to become a long-term punter then we recommend you avoid parlays. The odds on parlays are higher but not worth it.
  • You can bet on parlays for as long as you want, being a professional will provide an edge for you. Don’t run for the higher pay-outs, run for sustainability instead.

#8. Use the live betting option for the best

Many online betting sites allow live betting. What the hell are you doing if not taking advantage of such online betting sites? Go for a platform that offers live betting on sports matches.

  • Watching the match live and betting as per the circumstance’s folds in the match, gives a greater edge to the punter. Relax while watching matches and earn real money via fun.
  • W88 sportsbook is the one website in Malaysia that allows live betting on sports matches, from cricket, tennis, and football to boxing, foosball, and basketball.

#9. Bet on the sportsbook you trust the most

One feels comfortable where one feels safe. Hence, it’s important and necessary to put your trust in your online betting platform to place your bets tension-free and earn a great deal of cash with sportsbooks.


  • So, the question is what you should look for while choosing a trustworthy sports betting platform for yourself. Well, the most crucial thing is the number of active users and customer reviews.
  • Investigate the license that permits the sportsbook to conduct activities, SSL certificate, payment methods, and welcome deals. W88 is considered to be the best in Malaysia, read the W88 sportsbook online review.

#10. Be patient! Betting is like the stock market

Sports betting is an investment! Alike the stock market, you invest your money in the company and the result is your pay-out, it’s a game of buy and sell at right time.

  • Similarly, in sports betting you invest your money in the sports matches, and you get your pay-out when the results of the match are out. If you place the bet right, you win.
  • Hence, sports betting is a game for a patient person if they want to pursue it for a longer period. Otherwise, you can always have fun with sports betting to blow off steam.

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